Kenny Chesney

Kenny Chesney CD- LIVE

Kenny Chesney CD- LIVE

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Want to get a way? Leave your troubles behind? This CD is for you! Kenny takes us with him through 5 incredible summers as a headliner with this "Live: Live Those Songs Again" CD! Cd includes 14 live tracks with personalized CD booklet of Kenny's thoughts, hopes and dreams over the years!

Track listing:

1. Live Those Songs

2. Young

3. Never Gonna Feel Like That Again

4. Beer In Mexico

5. Keg In The Closet

6. What I Need To Do

7. I Go Back

8. When The Sun Goes Down (Duet With Uncle Kracker)

9. On The Coast Of Somewhere Beautiful

10. Anything But Mine

11. Back Where I Come From

12. Don't Happen Twicep> 13. How Forever Feels

14. She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy