Kegs in Closets, Beach Parties: 6 Days Til Summer Starts!

Kenny Chesney's No Shoes Nation Warm Up On 3/14
Nashville, TN: They sold out of Corona Light before he even hit the stage at Freebird's on the beach in Jacksonville Friday night for the one and only Keg In The Closet show, following a week of sequestered rehearsals at Veteran's Memorial Arena... And Saturday, Kenny Chesney kicks off the summer's biggest party - including 19 stops at NFL Stadiums across the nation - with the first stop of his 2013 No Shoes Nation Tour at Tampa's Raymond James Stadium.

"It felt so good to get out and play for people," Chesney says of the freewheelin'  show first leaked on March 7 by WQIK and WGNE, then announced later via social media and No Shoes Radio. "When you wanna road test what you're playing, there's nothing like a room filled with sweaty fans, having a good night with their friends! After weeks of playing to empty rooms, it did me and the guys a world of good to put the music out there - and we're so ready to get to Tampa and do it with all the bells and whistles."
But any fan of the 4-time Academy of Country Music and 4-time Country Music Association Entertainer of the Year knows it's as much about the pre-game build-up. So now it's time for the No Shoes Nation to rally the troops in preparation for the kick-off of this year's biggest tour with a Beach Party at the PCI Beach Bar at the Postcard Inn on the Beach in St. Petersburg!

"Jon and Tambo (NSR) are teaming up with the local radio station (WQYK) to start broadcasting live at 3," Chesney says. "And they know how to stir it up! Then at 7, Barry Carew, who's Corona Light's official Tailgate DJ, is gonna keep the party rocking! I never know if I am gonna be able to get there, but you know... It's the first Beach Party of the year, and it sure sounds like it's gonna be a great kick-off for the No Shoes Nation."
With "Pirate Flag," a song of rebellion nobody sees, just outside the Top 10, it's a fast-moving anthem of insurrection for people who know how to work within the system. Though a more driving track than much of what's on Life On A Rock, due April 30, the lead single reflects the project's intense need for everyone to find their place in the world, recognize it for what it is and embrace it for all its worth.
"This is going to be a great year for music in the No Shoes Nation," Chesney says of what's to come. "I think 'Pirate Flag' says so much for so many of us, that will to just rebel against the mundane... and after that, well, Life On A Rock says a lot about who we are as the people beyond our tags and labels. It's about the journey, the friends, the wins and the things we leave behind that make us what we are.
"And then there's Saturday! I promise everyone coming out to Raymond James Stadium, it's gonna kick the summer into high gear! We're talking 24, 26 songs, stuff that changes every night and a band that's just ready to get out there and play! "